A Richly Layered Living Area

By: Megan van der Kieft, designer at Margo Moore Interiors

Living rooms are rich with history and deep in emotion. They’re where family events are held, discussions are resolved, and peaceful moments are absorbed. What draws me into this space—designer Ben Pentreath’s own drawing room featured in his book, English Houses: Inspirational Interiors from City Apartments to Country Manor Houses—are the contradictory fabrics: some are simple yet complex while others are bold but muted.

Pentreath layers fabrics and textures to create an eclectic tactile environment. As you digest the visual variety of the wefts and weaves of the fabrics, the feeling is euphoric. Warmth is addressed with peach-toned accessories and paint. The comfortable furnishings in a variety of sizes, scales, and textures are a perfect addition to this room. These design choices have created a space for family and friends to gather and continue a legacy.

As a designer at Margo Moore Interiors, I know that elegance is defined by the finest details. On the following page are my selections to get a similar look. One last note: while it may sound regal to have your chair personally monogrammed, how fitting for a firelit room where Grandpa sits holding court late into the evening.